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Sigil. Session XXXXV
Saturday, March 14th, 2008

Chryseis acts as liaison with Factol Ambar of the Godsmen for a week. Then, when Factol Ambar is asked to come to the Barracks, he politely declines. The requests become more and more strenuous until a delegation of Harmonium are turned away from the Foundry. Narcovi is angry and believes that Factol Ambar should be charged as part of a conspiracy against all of Sigil. But cooler heads prevail.

Chryseis goes through her required training. She has her backers who believe that conspiracies tend to bust wide open at her very appearance. She is becoming quite the legend.

Zoe investigated her dream fo the strange podium.

There's been no Lady sightings in the past month.

Zoe and Chryseis visit Factol Ambar. He entertains them in the administration part of the building. The Factol wanted to hear their personal experiences in Harbringer house, in the hopes of finding the missing godsmen. Zoe and Chryseis try to tell him what they've seen and ask questions regarding Svanna and the Grey Men. He doesn't have full answers. Just more pieces. The grey men relate to Harbringer house and its source. He asks us for oaths of secrecy about the house.

He offers Linni aide; as she is, technically, still a godsmen.

He believes Svanna has been a guest of Harbringer House these past few years. She was brought to them by the Dabus. Much is unknown and unexplored in Harbringer House. Of the unaccounted included a gril they called the Dreamer. She never wakes. If a caretaker approaches, they fall catatonic. They eventually learned how to enter her dreams and speak to her. She hasn't aged and deosn't eat. She was kept in a room near the Harbringer's dinning hall. The room was breached. Perhaps she's been taken or wandered out of the Godsmen-controlled area.

As for sightings of the Grey Men, there've been many in teh Harbinger House. The Factol was injured by one in an attack. He doesn't know if there was just one, or many.

We learn that the Farseer is also missing. The Farseer was in Harbringer House when the Godsmen arrived, some 60 years ago.

The injuries and the malevolent force in the house makes the Factol reluctant to resume operations and to send more caretakers into potential danger.

The caretaker of the house Bereth replaced old Favor; and now she too is missing.

1st rule, state of conflict.

We give the key to Akin.
We get a cold iron short sword for Chryseis, from Hinrik.

After an evening service, Linni and Chryseis approach Ismine. They sit in a nearby pew as Linni tells her story. After the Law Shredder killed her, she was in a desert. She walked for days, weeks. Then she found a cave. The walls were first plane and organic and slowly became more man-made. When she could walk no more, she sat before a mirror. In it she saw images. Beautiful and horrible in their turn. She saw people she knew, people she didn't. Then she saw Athena.

She broke through the reflective surface into the Harbringer House, where Chryseis found her. It seems one of the Law Shredder's victims did escape. Ismine is shocked and amazed and happy. She re-introduces Linni to Melissa and Media.

Eki gets the bracers - they are infused with magic that should protect him.

The Harmonium get a report about the book. It's sentient. It's uncooperative and insists on speaking with its master. Ekios. Yougros son. So, Eki gets the book.

3rd day of unity, state of order, 128 YFHR
Day of Charity

There's a clear sky. WE can see the full curve of the city. Tensions continue to rise: civil disobedience is on the rise. Many give the Law Shredder the motive of trying to take down the standing order -- and now the Harmonium patrols are being attacked by masked bandits. Intent on finishing what the Law Shredder began.

Ekikos is home, and stays the night. He goes down stairs to make tea and catches Aelia sneaking in. She seems distraught, so they chat. Aelia is still seeing the smith's apprentice. He wants to marry her, but Yougros disapproves. She worries about Sarros. He's a determined godsmen. He's seeking opportunities to better his position and find money. Seems Sarros looks up to Eki.

Sarros works at the Armour works across from the Back Sails. After Eki agrees to speak to Sarros, Aelia goes to bed.

During the night bandits put graffiti on the Athenium. We gather as a neighborhood to help clean it off.

That day, Eki visits Sarros at the Armoury. After briefly cleaning himself, Sarros accompanies Eki to the black sails for a chat. It seems Sarros has hooked up with a new faction. Eki listens, while plying the lad with more and more alcohol. Once drunk, he takes Sarros to meet Chryseis.

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