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Sigil. Session 44.
Saturday, 28 February, 2009

5th day, 3rd rule of the 128th year of Factol Hashtorn's Reign.
Night of wrath (most probably).

The fight is over. The Law Shredder is dead. The Cambion is driven back to the Hells, and the ominous orb is destroyed.

A tense silence falls across the room. A large crater sits over which the ominous orb once stood. The Law Shredder, an angel and a host of dead demons are scattered about. We are all damaged, but alive. There is a circle of bloody bodies at the edge of the crater. Ekikos stands amidst it. Casting caution to the wind, he stretches his hand into the portal. It elongates. He says "This is a one way trip I believe." And he climbs out of the portal.

Trollan is weeping. Chryseis goes to examine the Law Shredder. Ekikos asks Zoe to take care of Trollan. Linni is alternating between joy and illness; she settles on screaming for joy and kicking the remains. Ekikos goes to examine the angel.

Chryseis gingerly picks up the Dwarven greatsword. She feels an awful grinding in her chest that is eerily familiar. She wraps the sword in the ratty blanket. Zoe goes to console Trollan. Trollan is crushed by the fact that the Lady ignored him.

Chryseis casts detect magic. There are three distinct magical auras in the room: The Dwarven sword is quite powerful. The Law Shredder's chained shirt (moderate abjuration) and small bloodied item at his belt (a kama) are also magical. The workmanship is strangely familiar. It seems to be silver -- it's the Law Shredder's harbringer blade. She gingerly pulls the shirt from the body. She also takes his head.

The angel has three auras on her. Her forearms are covered by bracers (moderate abjuration), a longsword, and a dagger; much like Ludvik's.

Ekikos goes to explore the room to the east of the ... ritual room. There is a mirror in there that looks into a street on the Lower Ward in Sigil. While digging around, he finds a book in a sack. It is bound in tanned and blackend flesh. Its cover bears a seven-pointed star. Chryseis looks at the book (after asking Athena's aide to read it) and a single line is written out upon the page "You want my knowledge, master?" Chryseis closes the book.

Chryseis looks at the dagger, and thinks about Svana. The dagger seems to drink the blood, but in truth it flows through it and falls to the floor. The blade seems to shimmer a bit; but nothing seems to occur.

Ekikos and Linni perform the grisly task of moving the bodies of the 13 victims into the small room to the east; laying the bodies out in state away from the Law Shredder & the demons.

There's a grinding of stone in the corner and sparks fly. Chryseis is the only one who heard it and saw it from the corner of her eye. She turned to look and it was gone. She warns us that someone else might be here. The room seems unsound as we examine it. The walls and wood are warped.

Trollan is muttering in his mourning. "People always heeded my words, they flocked to me but I was guarded for fear that I influenced them too much. Then one day a priest came to Ecstasy and told me about the Lady of Pain" He'd never met someone who ignored him before. He was infatuated. He waited so long for the Lady to come to him. Someone who beguiles with his voice, was himself beguiled. He proclaims his intention to turn the people away from their love of the Lady and then return to clean Harbringer house and calm the keepers. Then he will wait there for the Lady.

Trollan and Chryseis do the heal thing.

Trollan goes into the small room and dips his short sword's silver blade into the mirror. The mirror reflection bows, and the region near the ditch is reflected. When he swirls his sword in the mirror again, blood gem park appears.

Zoe jumps through the mirror. She falls out of a tenement building's window that faces the street. Aaaa!

3 or 4 score followers have massed. There are a lot of spectators (mostly Doomguard), and a good smattering of them have signs that carry signs saying "The end is nigh", and "The end times are among us". There are at least seven squads of Harmonium in the area.

Chryseis walks up to a squad. Learns that Measure III Drillix is in charge of the scene. He's also the day watch commander of the Lower Ward garrison. She finds him and they talk, briefly. The Harmonium push the crowds back 10 paces. Not everyone's too happy about this, but the thick red line broke no intolerance.

Trollan approaches the gathered. His followers cheer, the crowd swallows him, and some start to chant his name. The Doomguard raise an equal cheer, believing this to be the beginning of the end. Trollan climbs up atop the fountain and speaks to the gathered masses. As Trollan talks, hryseis spots Kit. He's one of the ones holding Trollan up. Trollan tells his followers to go to Extasy. He puts Kit in charge of the masses. Kit heads out of the park. Chyrseis flags him down and speaks to him asking him to seek out his sister when he returns to Ecstasy.

The Harmonium none-too-gently clears a path. As the followers move along, a score or more spectators fall into line. Apparently, they're on their way to Ecstasy too.

It's drizzling still. We accompany Trollan to another portal, and he heads back to Harbringer house through a reflection.

On the way back towards Cross guard, we go looking for Lunch.

We go to the Foundry gates. Wrought iron and 3 stories tall. After a check, we are escorted in to see the Factol, across the factory floor.

Factol Ambar leads us further into the Forge; trying to find a quieter place to chat. He leads us to a one-story, two-room house in the middle of the factory floor. Its walls are made of green glass.

There, we tell him our tale from when we went to Kurst on through the situation at the Harbringer house. After hearing the tale, the Factol is stunned. He turns away from us. They've not had a blade to get into Harbringer house. And without one, they've been out of contact with the house for about a week. Chryseis gives him the blades we found--giving him a way to get back into Harbinger house.

He leaves, intent on getting back into Harbinger house.

About 10 minutes later--Patroclus comes in. He comments on Eki's tatoos. They chat and Patroclus invites Eki over for dinner on gluttony night. Afterwards Patroclus guides us out.

We head towards cross-guard. There's a crowd around the well outside the Athenium. Some of them are chanting derogatory things. A third are wearing colors and a third are wearing Athar colors. Athar protests are not uncommon, but this time there's a large number of Zeus priests. There's also a squad of Harmonium women present to keep the peace. As we get closer, we hear something that carries over the voices. It dawns on us that it's Ardallas, son of Hephaestus. He's returned.

Chryseis walks in amidst the crowd. Eventually the Hard heads loose their patience and threaten to scrag the lot of them if there's no order here. Ardallas comes out, kneels before Chryseis, and kisses her robe. He's been waiting for her for 2 days. The locals start throwing wrotten um... vegetable matter at the hecklers and dumping chamber pots over them. The Athar make a hasty retreat.

Ardallas starts wooing Chryseis.

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