Friday, November 06, 2009

Sigil. Session XXXXVII
Saturday, April 11th, 2008
3rd day, 4th rule, State of Charity YFHR 128
Day of Unity

It's a beautiful clear day.

Zoe continues researching her dream with Hyzik.

Ekikos and Chryseis talk.

Walking back from the clerk's ward, Linni joins in a child game of hide and seek in a back alley.
Eki buys a copy of a poet's work for 2sp, and gives the poet 1cp for the recitation. Her name is Llylwyn.

Later the group finds Hinrik in the Keg and Cast. He's sittling alone inside. The place is pretty busy. We buy some alea nd return to Hynrik's forge. There we tell him about Naryll and the children. He is very saddened by this news.

Chryseis and Hinrik chat. We dark when she come sout. Nariel stared too long into the Abyss and it changed her. She left him, aware of the change within her and before she could harm the children.

That night Linni breaks into Hinrik's forge and makes herself at home. Hinrik arrives, startled to find her in his home.

Eki, Zoe and Hyzik go to an inn to discuss the book. Hyzik identifies the book as the Grimoire of Pestillential Thought. Eki decides to toss it off Suicide falls. Does so; but now it would seem that the book can write on Eki's skin.

Zoe spends the night with Hyzik.

A few days later, Chryseis receives an invitation to brunch with the godsmen Factol at an hour before peak. We arrive and are taken to a n elegantly decorated swite of rooms. The Factol says the remnants of the Sigillian faction went on to found the Incanterium.

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