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Sigil. Session XXXVI

Saturday, 2 November, 2008

Session XXXVI

2nd night, 3rd rule, state of Dominance, 128 YOFHR

Night of Gluttony

Weather: light rain, picking up with a light wind.

We head back to Grossef's paints, looking for Ludvik. We pas a few contigents of Hard heads going our way. There's an unusual number of people out tonight. The streeds grow more and more crowded as we approach Blood Gem Park. Mercykillers are trying to control the crowds.

There's a sizeable throng of dustmen and dabus in the park -- working to clear the park of the dead. We find Ludvik nealing atop the wall of the park. He joins us, looking somewhat green.

He was attacked by mind rats. We find a quiet spot and use the dust of creation to make a lilly. Narcovi is in the park ranting. Chryseis goes to talk to Narcovi. Narcovi is furious! She is shaking, she's just that mad!

Narcovi charges Chryseis to retrieve the LawShredder. Turns out the LawShredder killed Tenscore just a few hours ago; while Tenscore was returning from delivering the mancatchers. Then the LawShredder had Tenscore's body delivered to the Barracks by sedan chair.

Chryseis returns to us and tells us Narcovi's We leave them alone. The factol was consoling the women in blue. He comes towards u, motioning that he wants to talk. The factol takes Chryseis away for a few minutes.

When she returns, we learn that the Lawshredder's real name is Sugad. He and Trollan were both int eh Godsmen's care. The Godsmen believe both these men are just one step away from ebcoming gods. Trollan believes that the Lady holds him in high regard.

One of their first victims was their sheppard. Chryseis got his files. Trollan the mad grew up in Extasy. He arrived in Sigil six years ago, singing his love. The Dabus brought Trollan to Harbringer house.

Sugat killed for 7 days. Each of the 9 victims was terrified at death. Incidental vidence led the investigators to believe that he was frightened off his last victim by supernatural beings. Sugat comes from Athos and was the ward of an evil wizard. Sugat causes fear, seems know everyone's aximatic essence and can grab someone doing lightning damage.

He needs to commit 13 ritualized murders, using each to gain in power.

Both Sugat and Trollan escaped at the same time. But the Factol doesn't believe they were working together.

With the lilly formed, we return to the tennament and go up to the 4th floor. Seems a mercy killer went through here recently. Eki goes up on the roof and finds two people standing there. They are wearing the light blue and gold robes of hte mages. Hyzik speaks to the male. When he comes back, we learn that he can't come with us. The mages are happy that they've found a new portal.

We say goodbye to Hyzik and use the fabricated lilly. It opens the portal and we go through. It leads to a large rose garden, bursting with life.

We find a blood trail and muddy foot prints. It's really dark. There's only starlight to work by. We follow what little trail there is to an archway leanding out of the garden. Beyond are sewn fields and a pastoral town.

Lanterns are hung off pillars of various heights. The pillars seem randomly placed throughout the fields, and the town. A few houses are even built around pillars. The pillars are hexagonal basalt plynths.

The pillars in the near distance are occupied as a person sits atop each one. A halfling atop a nearby pillar coughs gently, interupting our conversation as we try to figure out where to go. He welcomes us to Extasy. His name is Artimore Far. Eki agrees to bring him some local ale when we pass back this way.

As we wander into town, another halfling stops. When he sees us he tries to run away. Eki catches him, and eventually we learn that his name is Gander. He's president of the welcoming committee. He's running to inform the twon that two bodies have been found. One was in the hall behind Melissa's house and the other is at the inn of the Impulsive Dabus. Revelhold run by Madame Pelani.

A woman we pass later informs us that the Dark Hunter has instigated a curfew.

Eki encounters a modron. It tells us that its command unit was injured. It asks us to follow it. It leads us to a cubed shaped quadron splayed on the ground. It's been sliced apart with six cut marks. We search the area and find a note pinned to the eyelid of the quadron. We find three partially consumed nut shells.

As we're looking about, a large sineous silver hound pads up to us and howels. We are quickly surrounded by more hounds. After a bit the Dark Hunter arrives. We learn from him that three more have died in similar fashion.

We inform him of the Lawshredder and his intent. We head to the temple district, leaving the modrons behind. There we meet Anjoliva and Evane. They are headed to the Temple of the Beloved. They are Lovers. We patrol the ground. Zoe catches the smell of woodsmoke in the air. Eki spots the fire on the second floor and calls out to warn those inside.

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