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Sigil. Session XXXVII

Saturday, 15 November, 2008

Session XXXVII

2nd night, 3rd rule, state of Dominance, 128 YOFHR

Night of Gluttony

We're in Extasy.

Eki runs into the church, and the rest of us follow. He burbles like the Jabberwoky and attacks the Lawshredder. Chryseis joins into the fray while trying to get the Lovers to evacuate. Some run out the open doors, but most go to the alter. A priest amongst them invokes the Lady for protection.

The Lawshredder kills one woman, and the fire kills another. The Lawshredder dies when the building, fully aflame, collapses upon him. The wolves arrive in time to help get the remaining Lovers out of the building before it collapses.

Eki was greviously injured by the Lawshredder, and Chryseis is barely able to pull him out of the building. She tries to heal him, but he does not respond. She cries quicksilver tears, and suddenly, Eki is not burnt.

The Dark Hunter tries to heal Eki. He gasps. He lives! The Dark Hunter and his hounds (Moon dogs) heal the others. He departs as the sun starts to rise. The temple falls in on itself.

Day of Charity

The Sun Master arrives. She is radient in gold. She is flanked by three Solars (angels) she questions the survivors and learns about us. When we tell her about the modrons, she sends a Solar to fetch them. We are then welcomed to her Sol Rise Tower.

We're lead down amber colored stairs to a palatial set of rooms. Shortly after arriving, we are greeted by a livered servant by the name of Andas. Eki asks for a bath and change of clothes. We poke about. The rooms have a balcony that overlooks the town.

We spend time in the palace sleeping, eating and wandering about. In the afternoon, we are called to see the Sun Master. We learn the names of the dead.

Baldod, Dwarven cleric. Killed in the Ambitious Dabus Inn.

Kalise of the Faterinty of Order (the Philospher's Court)

Derrick the Blue, a Mercykiller


Evaine in the temple

Jaliba the Relaxed died when the temple collapsed

Eki gets a little bottle of petal wine and leaves it beside Artimore Far's sleeping form atop a pillar.

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