Friday, March 20, 2009

Sigil. Session XXXV

Saturday, 11 October, 2008

Session XXXV

2nd night, 3rd rule, state of Dominance, 128 YOFHR

Night of Gluttony

Weather: light rain, picking up with a light wind.

Logu's bathpowder is behind the temple of Corellian, wheras Grossif's paints is a bit closer along Doomguard walk. We head to Grossif's paints.

There's a fair bit of traffic around Blood Gem park - even for this time of night. The Lovers have taken over the park. Locals who used the park as a neutral meeting ground (the region is home to many nasty nature deities including the savage hunters). Chaositech's are also in teh area, which is only adding to the madness. The LOvers are beign harrassed. One group is having handfuls of drek thrown at them. The hard heads are hard pressed to keep the peace.

In the center of the street a cultist is arguing with his sister. She wants him to return to Extasy with her. He believes the Lady loves him and will hear no ill of Trollan, who is still out there - converting locals.

Ekikos finds the warehouse. We head slowly down the alley to find it occupied by a young Tiefling female. She's trying ot paint in the rain. She's painting the Lady! She sees us and loosk weary. When asked, Zoe doesn't think she's seen the Lawshredder, but then again seh's a chaositech, so it's hard to tell.

Zoe and Hyzik wander off to look around the building. Cryseis and Ekikos knock. The door opens and Grossef runs out screaming about the graffiti on his walls. Eventually he speaks to Cryseis and Ekikos, admitting that this is his shop, but then he runs down the street looking for a hard head or the watch to report the graffitti and demand that something be done about it. A young lad ends up andwering Chrseis' questions. He's Grossef's assistant.

Eki hears something on the second floor. When he goes to investigate, he sees the Lawshredder. He yells to Chryseis that the Lawshredder was trying to sneak across the beams over Chryseis' head.

Zoe is outside and sees someone race by the window. Hyzik helps her get up to the ledge. She tries to open the lock and fails.

Eki follows the Lawshredder and tries to confront him, yelling all the while. The Lawshredder escapes via an open window, and Eki follows him across rooftops. Outside, Chryseis follows on the ground, and meets up with Zoe and Hyzik.

Zoe attacks him with her wilder powers while Chryseis runs to find the Hard heads she saw earlier.

After a mighty chase, the Lawshredder escapes through a newfound portal just at the junction of the chimney and the building of a tennament. Zoe is up on the aquaduct, when it happens.

The Lovers start chanting. Near the end of their ritual, the Lady appears! She floats down the street and enters Blood Gem Park. Wherever her shadow touches, the Lovers are ripped assunder. She passes serenely in, then disappears.

After her passing, there is only the sound of a woman wailing. The woman runs into the park and cradles the body of a young man.

Cryseis asks Hyzik to look at the portal. Eki and Chryseis barge into the tennament and demand to get to the roof. Hyzik is able to determine that the portal key is a white lilly. He says it leads to a flower garden.

They all come back down to street level. Chryseis sends a runner with information to the Barracks to speak with Narcovi. As she's organizing the remaining Hard heads, the Godsman's factol comes to Blood Gem Park. They are sickened by the sight.

Dabus have arrived and begin cleaning up the blood.

Zoe gives the factol her winskin to clean his mouth. Chrysis and the factol speak briefly.

We try the friendly fiend, awaking him -- to his displeasure; but he doesn't carry living keys. He suggests we try the temple district for a white lilly.

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