Friday, November 06, 2009

Sigil. Session XXXXII
Saturday, 17, January 2009
5th day, 3rd rule, state of dominance, 128 YFHR
Day of Forgiveness

The combat continues, and it seems to get worse. Zoe manages to get un-stuck from between the statue and the wall, and asks Trollan to make Chance stop. Trollan tries, but Chance believes that he must obey the dice - the dice don't lie. As Eki and Chance grapple, Zoe uses far hand to snatch the dice and give them to Trollan. Trollan threatens to destroy them; but it doesn't stop Chance. He declares that it wasn't Sougad's lucky day either. He runs Eki through, but fortunatelly Trollan and Chryseis manage to heal him. Chryseis manages to disarm Chance and scoops up the short sword. Chance tries to evade, but is blocked by Chryseis. Eventually he falls backwards into the mirror.

Eki tries to destroy the mirror and fails. He offers to play a game called 3 Dragon Ante to get his sword and dice back. He wins. We leave.

We see a woman in red int he corridore. She claims to be neither a Harbringer nor a Keeper. She walks through doors we cannot enter. She warns us that if Sougad's here then she doesn't have much time.

We go to the commons, where we encounter Sulran. He's scared almost witless. He says Sougad came through here. The Lady to the lawful good ones away. Chryseis finds a body int he laundry's was basin. We go back into the hall and try various doors.

We enter a large room whose walls are covered in mirrors. There's a large circular stairwell int eh center. Chryseis sees the forge in which she was found. As she walks by one mirror we hear a crack and a woman falls out; grabbing at Chryseis and calling her Athena.

The stairs lead to a landing. Sitting on the landing is a 1/2 elven man. He suffers when we make too much noise. The images in the mirror seem to collide when he looses his concentration. We learn the woman in red is named Nariel; and he gives us directions to her current location. He suggests we hurry. He is called the Farseer.

We follow the Farseer's directions and are met by 5 short piles of shambling flesh.

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