Friday, November 06, 2009

Sigil. Session XXXXI
Saturday, 3, January 2009
5th day, 3rd rule, state of dominance, 128 YFHR
Day of Forgiveness

We have returned home.

The fog has lifted and a light drizzle makes visibility good today (we can see about a mile up the curve).

Trollan says we need a mirror large enough to be a portal. When we step outside the shop that holds the portal to Kurst, Trollan kneels and prays to the lady. We try to provide him cover, but he is devout in his duties and ignores the evil looks he gets from people who pass by.

In new market we find a tinker's shop selling a metal mirror. We suddenly hear a loud thunder clap; the ground shakes. We run outside and a small dust cloud is settling into the central district. Eki runs off to find the source of the noise.

Chryseis negotiates a price of 33 gold for the mirror.

Eki finds his way is blocked by a brace of hard heads and doom guard who are closing in the area. One of the overpass bridges collapsed. There are a few dead Dabus in the rubble. Apparently the Dabus have been overbuilding the area for the past 4 days. The hard heads blocked off the area yesterday and locals assumed the collapse was imminent.

Eki runs back to us with the chant.

Near the ditch we find a beggar willing to help us. We pay for his time. In the industrial sector we find a good view of the Gatehouse. Chryseis prays for our protection, we set up the mirror and Trollan draws his shortsword. It's curved and made of silver. He plunges the blade into the mirror's surface. The quicksilver blends about. He kneels down and scoots through. We follow, leaving a rather confused beggar holding the mirror.

It feels like we've stepped through a portal. We step out on a solid wood floor. It's Dimmer in here. We see a man sitting in a chair. Trollan calls him Horace, but he doesn't answer. Instead he keeps chanting: "Chaos dance, chaos murder, the Abyss is what I yearn."

A nearby office contains administrative duty rosters, inventories, etc. Also included are the journals of the administrator. There's a journal on the desk. Several pages have been torn out, but the last few pages are intact.

Of the residence several resistents have seen a strange woman wandering the halls.
2D 3R Sate of Doom (3 days ago)
Bad open. 2 escaped. Believed something bad is going on.

We organize the papers and find files ont eh inmates. Zoe starts looking for Svanna's name, but time is an issue.

Eki finds a survivor in the mess hall. He claims everything is his and welcomes us to the domain of "Astral". Eki's sure he's a barmie. Trollan identifies him and ask what he's doing here. Astral and Eki fight, and Astral seems to mimic Eki's abilities. Eki, Zoe and Chryseis manage to take Astral down. Chryseis stabilizes him and puts him in a cell where he can rest.

In the kitchen we find two humans at work. A man is running from pot to pot, putting various ingredients in. A woman is dressed in a burlap sack, tied with a piece of dried razor vine. She's sniffing the pots. She asks if we've come for dinner, or are we dinner. Her name is Graella and she says that Narin is moving today. She approaches Chryseis with her butcher's knife. Je ferme la port.

In the entry way - the mirror shows a view into the park of the Infernal and Divine.

We meet up with Verina. She says there's a darkness that's come to the house. She heals Eki with a touch. She says the caretakers have stopped coming and she's had no visitors for a long time.

We go back to the carpet room and try to track the Law Shredder by scent.

Harbringer house is most confusing. Doors side by side lead in completely different directions. Each major door seems to be some sort of portal to ... somewhere else. Every mirror is a window into a new and different place; some seem familiar but most do not.

In a room lined with statues of important Godsmen, we meet Chance; a man to whom luck is very good. We can't seem to not fight him, and every move we make against him seems to rebound against ourselves. We are defeated before we can begin.

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