Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Welcome to Atlanta
Wednesday, July 13, 2032 (Game Date: February 14, 2007)

We've bathed, slept and dressed in clean clothes. Most of us are starting to feel human. We arrive at the office early and meet with SAC Adam Riddenhower in a conference room.

SAC Riddenhower has received regular reports from the SAC in Baltimore (Bruce Anthor, our boss). The SAC thanks us for our involvement and Robert hands over a copy of his report of Dublin.

The Atlanta FBI has been gathering information for us about the KKK. We learn that the KKK are on the upswing over the last 2 years as they agressively expand. They are currently the second most powerful organization in Texas, with the first (arguably) being the Army. Lynchings and race-related riots are on the rise, predominantly outside major cities. Exceptions have occurred in Louisianana, Mississippi, and maybe even Austin (although communications with Austin are questionable).

SAC Riddenhower believes the KKK has inroads into the southern FBI offices.

The FBI doesn't have a lot of hard data on the Dragons. From the reports it's a creature between 18 and 45' (more likely 18-25') in length and red in color.

Neither Earl Ballenger nor the Dragon have sighted in the last four months. Earl has a 19 year old son named Thomas. Thomas is also a member of the KKK but he's not necessarily in the hierarchy of the group. There were unconfirmed reports that he has abilities. He fought with 5 people his age at a bar - and the injuries of those 5 are horrific.

Thomas is speaking more often to groups and he is both charismatic and a good speaker. He's also a goods tudent with good grades. His speeches are all about the clan and his father. There's a strong cult of personalty around the dragon, and by extension Mr Ballenger as well.

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