Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Goodbye Dublin
Tuesday, July 12, 2032

We pack it up. The horses are still a little skittish, and I can't blame them. We pull out onto the road to Atlanta. Shannon is the first to notice a fairly large magical spot up ahead. She draws Robert's attention to it.

The area is close to the spot where Mr John McCallen, a young unknown male and unknown female died on July 9th, 2032. Lying there in the grass are four human bodies, one squirrel and one horse. All are decapitated and slightly decomposed.

Shannon informs us that the corpses are in some kind of magically protected circle. The magic seems to gently repell approaching life. This explains the lack of flies and marks of other scavengers on the corpses.

Our initial best guess is that these are the four humans who were already infected and attacked and killed Mr McCallen. They ran off after the fleeing horse. The squirrel was probably someone's snack. The heads were removed with someone thing very sharp and most likely very hot. They were killed with one blow to the neck adn the blow cauteriezed the wound.
Under a rock also in the circle we find a note that reads "this should be the last of them. Great job. - A friend."

A closer examination of the corpses finds rough wood splinters in their hands, further linking them to the attack on Mr McCallen's cart, and subsequently his murder.

Shannon and Peter head into the woods, trying to find signs of "our friend". About 30 feet back from the corpses Shannon finds tracks that lead in from the edge of the bush towards the road, but she finds nothing in that 30 feet between the last tracks and the corpses, not even signs that the tracks were somehow covered over. The ground cover is light bush over grass and should show some sign of someone's passing; especially if they're moving a dead horse. She finds very heavy size 14EE boot prints that come from further into the woods.

She and Peter follow the tracks back a further 15 minutes to find teh first signs of a fight. From what she can tell a body (or two) fell here. Ther are no signs of blood or splatter, and the prints come in and go out from a couple of different directions through the clearing. Their best guess is that mystery man hunted and killed the four humans, squirrel and horse, somehow transported them through the brush and deposited them in a magical circle along our path where he knew we'd find them. Shannon believes that the hunter burned the heads either immediately upon severing them or shortly there after as she found roundish depressions and a fair bit of ash.

Robert believes the magical circle is a form of "spirit magic" and believes the bodys were laying there for about 1 1/2 - 2 days. The bodies are not quite decomposed enough for that timeframe under normal circumstances, but without insects and supressed bacterial growth, it's probable.

We sew the squirrel up in sail canvas and take it with us. The rest are burried under stone.

Afte that we head off to Atlanta. We get there by nightfall and check in at the local FBI office. There's not a lot of folks there at 7PM. We visit briefly with an agent and he promises to getus an appointment with the SAC. We drop off evidence and sign it in then head towards a nearby hotel for the night.

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