Friday, November 06, 2009

Sigil. Session ILIX
Saturday, 6 June, 2009
6th day of Unity, State of Order, Day of Kindness, YFHR 128

We race back into the scriptorium and examine the bookshelves in the corner. There are 8 books in all. We search the desks and the papers, but find nothing that would match the book of Control. As we are checking the books we find one of the book plates. Then a cockatrice comes out of a book.

Eki narrowly escapes beign poisoned by its gaze. Linni dives in and pins it to the ground. She then stuns it. Eki backhands it while Chryseis electrifies it, it dies.

Chryseis examines the weave of the beast. They take the head.

Eki finds that he can sense the other rooms. He understands how they move.

We go to the music room. There are various instruments in the room and 11 books on the shelves. The sheet music seems to hold the music of the spheres, with mathematical notation.

Modern musical measures (there's a counter at the back of the book, showing how many times the book's been opened).
Romani Rhymes (3 book set)
Slavic improvisation
Heroic Ballads of Yvesguard
Marches and Martial music
Demonic Percussion Technique
Dustmen Dirges (grey cover)
Harmonies of the Multiverse (blue cover)
Madrigals of the Heavenly Host
Arcadian Acoustics
Ribald Rhythms of Pan (green leather) -- find a book plate

And a minotaur climbs out of the book. We fight it. After it dies, Chryseis takes two of the horns and a big handful of its mane.

We follow Eki to a new room with an alter in it. There are three people here. A female gith and two Hellenic males. The Gith is 6', stocky with sallow skin and short braided black hair. She wears jewelry and a hoodless cloak covered in beads. She is named Djkek'nalarr. They came in to this maze via the World Serpent Inn. She introduces Shaglin and Toggle.

We search the pillows and the alter, but find no book plate. We invite the others to join us in our quest. Djkek'nalarr is interested in mapping this pace and has impolyed Shaglin and Toggle for protection. They just want to get back to Sigil.

We enter a smithy and search it. We find gold ingot, and Chryseis finds several lengths of high-grade carbon steel (good for making masterwork chainmail). Zoe finds a box within the tin, inside are 20 magical ingots - glowing blue, each with the name of a Dwarven god stamped on them. The smithy seems to be more of a laboratory than a smithy.

There are nine books here to search. A primitive encyclopedia of metallurgy (9 book set). Chryseis keeps the book on Hephaestus. As she opens it to read it, Hephaestus' hammer comes out of the book and attacks. We manage to defeat it.

Eki opens one book and it exploded! Eventually we find another book plate.

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