Friday, November 06, 2009

Sigil. Session LI
Saturday, 4 July, 2009
6th day of Unity, State of Order, Day of Kindness, YFHR 128

Zoe stays hid.
We learn more about the monsters we're fighting from a book titled Sagillium Sagmentium. It talks about Her Serenity, provides maps of Sigil and geometric diagrams that depict eldric runes from the streets.

Minotaurs represent the mazes of Her Serenity.
Formians represent the workers of Her Serenity - the Dabus
Sphinx represents the puzzle that is Sigil
Ouroboros - the unity of rings. The physical embodiment of Sigil.
Cockatrice - there's no wood cut for it, but Her Serenity has the weave of the Cockatrice behind her.

The Control book is a series of unbound pages, each stamped with a symbol of the house. The portal room is hidden until the control book is complete.

Elementary Engineering
27 volume encyclopedia set

We search all the books, but find no plaques.

In the theater room/lecture hall - we find several desks and chairs as well as a stage with a lectern. Therein we find a crystal that controls sound. Linni takes care of it. Chryseis notices 2 knots of magic - the first is a magical scarf. Linni trades Zoe the crystal for the scarf. The books in the room are as follows:

Actors and acting - magic hand to open. Find nada.
Tales of the theater. ditto. Nada
Stage craft nope
Plays, play-writers and performances - nope
Oratory - nope
Great plays of Arborea - nope
Make up and costume design - nope
Order of the Open Eyed Owl. Plaque.

Back in the Scriptorium we go through the unopened books.

Diabolical dialects and diction - no, but the alphabet matches those on the plaques.
Sigils, symbols and sighs. Find a plaque.
Language translation dictionaries. Find a minotaur. Eep!

After its defeat. We check the other books. We take the books from the lab and bring them into the scriptorium.

Alchemy studies - nada
Elven wrights and measures - nada
The complete laboratory - nada
The philospher's handbook - npe
Everyday Experimental Procedures - find 3 formians and the plaque.

In the alchemy storage room, we collect the alchemy fire bottles and intend to do battle once more with the plant room.

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