Friday, November 06, 2009

Sigil. Session LIV
September 11, 2009
7th day of Unity in the state of Order, YFHR 128
The Day of Humility

Eki puts a hand on the Gray Man's shoulder and orders him to stop. The Gray Man turns his head 170 degrees to look at Eki. Eki successfully grapples him. He has a strange urge to step away and let the Grey Man go free; but he resists it.

A Grey Man tries to disarm Linni, and successfully knocks her blade away.

Eki manages to push a Grey Man off the cliff. It doesn't scream as it falls; instead it seems fustrated. Djkek'nalarr draws a short sword and attacks us! Shagglin and Toggle assist her. After pushing us back, Djkek'nalarr jumps off the cliff, saying that all of the wisdom of the Sigilium are hers! Shagglin and Toggle stand pennitant before Chryseis.

Zoe gets grabbed from behind by a Grey Man. She screams, and it begins to search Zoe and then her pack. She tries to struggle from the Grey Man's grasp, but she can't. It demands she give him the shard. The Grey Man grabs Ludvik's dagger from Zoe's back, drops her and goes back throught the door from which it came. The remaining Grey Men walk towards th gate, and step behind it. When Linni chases them, the Grey Men fall to the ground and collapses into a heap of empty clothing.

Ludvik appears on the scene, rushing to find Zoe. He heard her scream. He drops his bow and tries to follow the Grey Man through the doorway. Eki forces open the door.

The Grey Man steps away from the door and flows back into the pool beyond. He cuts the air and then collapses into the pool in a heap and is gone.

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