Monday, March 03, 2008

Session XXI
3rd day, center rule, State of Depravity, 127 year of factol Hashorn's reign, day of charity

Local news
The Harmonium caught 8 rogue scribes copying the Factol's manifesto. Over 3-score copies were made. There are rumors that bills of sale were also found. On the 1st there was a parade in the Lady's ward of officers, guards and recruits leading a cart containing the books. They were brought to petitioner's square where the books were burned.

Our activities
Today there's just a light haze in the cage. Visibility is up to about a mile. Eki's been working in the Hive with Journos and his stable. On the way home, he stops at a portal key shop in the Bazar to buy a red marble.

Hynrik is putting the final touches on Chryseis's spear. We talk for a bit, gather up our stuff, and take the long trek to Zeroes in the Hive.

Along the way we stop at the temple of Hermes (god of Skullduggery & travels) to pay our respects. Chryseis draws attention. Lyris, an alcolyte of the temple, greets us. I give Lyris Nabod's deck of cards frp, Earth as a gift to Hermes. We are then introduced to Belaus who offers us the blessing of Hermes. Feeling better about our adventure, we continue on.

In the Bazzar, we see a giant floating cinnamon bun that smells like cinnamon. Below it is a stand, around which is a bunch of minstrel's singling "Highland pastries are the best." Every block seems to have a minstrel holding a sign pointing to Highland's bakery. We avoid temptation (and the large crowd) gathered near the bakery, and continue on our way.

Eventually we got to Zeros and waited around until Derioch arrived. We speak to her for a bit and try to bring her up-to-date. We ask about Tarrana the Grey. She knows the name from the collectors, but does not know the woman personally. After she spoke to us the last time the mysterious deaths seem to conme to an end. She noticed a new body 2 days ago. She stopped the collectors and examined the body. She discovered a necromantic aura--as Chryseis described previously. Except, it was not lingering. It was ongoing.

Chryseis summarizes that the aura mimics death, paralyzing hte body and trapping the soul. We talk for a bit then we get directions to a Bleaker flop house. The proprietess's name is Nina. Eki asks for facotl member names; Darioch tells us of a scribe named Dol.

The flop house is simple and fairly clean. It costs us 7 silver rings. Chryseis pays and we kip while she settles in to pray.

Late in the night two stout Hellenic thugs enter the room. They seem to be wearing chain mail and they are carrying saps. Chryseis stands and calls us to arms, and battle ensues. In total there were 5 thugs and a mage. The mage hung to the back, and turned invisible at the end of the fight. I was able to track him down and Ludvik brought him down with an arrow. The fight awakens the other patrons of the flop house. Foruntately for us Chryseis simply identifies herself as a Harmonium member and takes control of the scene. We find Nina asleep at the door. Eki wakes her up gently and tries to explain what happened.

We strip the bodies of the following goods:

4 x longs words
4 x small metal shields
4 x chain mail shirts
46 gold rings (12 + 11 + 5 + 18)
81 silver rings (28 + 22 + 24 + 7)
63 copper rings (19 + 10 + 16 + 18)
A silk shirt as strong as leather
A magical cloak
A platinum gauntlet
A wand

The equipment seems to come from the central district in the lower ward. One thug has a tattoo of the Garialanus family (a Hellenic family who runs the central district).

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