Thursday, February 28, 2008

Session XVIII
2nd day, Rule of Depravity, Day of Temperance.

Today it rained.
Eki got a return message from Journos via Aurelius. And now Eki wants to go to the Gymnasium. We all go our separate ways for a time. Chryseis has a religious experience with a loom. Ludvik goes off in search of Eliath, and Eki and I spend time with our families.

Night of Gluttony.
It stops raining sometime in the night

3rd day, Rule of Depravity, Day of Charity
Euge asks to come with us. A mild haze covers the city. Eki takes Euge and I go with Chryseis. The first stop is the Tower of the Prophet's eye in the Temple district of the Ladies ward. The tower is carved from white alabaster stone that's darked to a bone color thanks to the city's polution. A large stained glass representation of an eye emits light from within. That plus the shiny metal casing around the window makes for a very bright building on a hazy day.

There are seven steps up to the door. To either side stands an incredibly tall, perfectly formed, winged humanoid male angelic guard. Chryseis believes the guards are part of a chir of angles that embody goodness and law. They let us pass without problem.

Inside, the temple is awash with light coming from the altar tripod. A braisier sits atop the tripod and gives out pure, white light without shadow. There are three bear-like humanoids wearing engraved late armor in the center of the room. The plate is engraved with prayers, and each bear-man stand 10 feet tall. Their head fur is all white and they have huge jaws and black onyx eyes. One of the bear-men addresses Chryseis, introducing himself as Humbart.

Others in the temple appear to be asimar. Some come to Chryseis for her blessing. The bears are kneeling i prayer while the third stands at some mechanical aperatus. When Chryseis asks about the Hag's eye he says it is a lesser item and not divine. It is neither good nor evil. Chryseis spends some time gathering up the offerings, and cleaning the statue of Athena.

We all spend some time praying before the statue of Athena.

In each of the corners of the temple is a statue. There are statusesto Osiris, Tye (a one-handed nordic figure), Bahamut (a golden dragon), and Athena (a white ivry statue with a golden helmet. Niki is in one hand and an Ageius is in the other. Beyond the Athena statue is a set of stairs leading up to a bell tower.

We then move on to the Clerk's ward. In the giant Bazaar I pick up two pounds of T'klak' from an giant insectoid named 'Thaka. He says he'll be here until mating season. Ekikos manages to crowd surf for a time, further proving his devotion to his faction.

When we get to the great Gymnasium Euge leaves us and hires a porter to get him to his job. We say our goodbyes as Ekikos enters the gymnasium to find Journos. Chryseis and I go back to take a look at the mural. The skree is that the chaositechs descended upon the wall and painted the mural in just one night.

Ekikos and Journos talk and have some fun in the pool. Journos reminds Ekikos to just be ready and things will unfold as they should ... or something like that. He also tells Ekikos that he'll be protected no matter what.

We have to hussle to get home.

That evening Chryseis meets up with Ludvik when he finally gets home. Eliath works the evening shift (4 to midnight). Then he and some friends go to teh Ascension pub on Greystream path in the Foundry district. Ludvik found that he's staying at a faction run hovel on Blood boil street. They discuss tactics while the rest of us sleep.

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