Friday, August 03, 2007

Game date: Friday, July 23, 2032
Real date: May 23/07
Location: Starksville, Mississippi

Upon waking, Shannon goes off to find Robert. She's wearing only a t-shirt. She tells him that she had a visitor last night--an elderly oriental gentleman. Her dream also included the original founder of the church (he was very interested in her); "Charles" was a very charming speaker. It looked like she was in the church, but there were no windows. He stepped out of a beam of white light from the alter.

Charles asked her name and she gave it. The entire time her necklace was getting hotter and hotter. When she reached to shake his hand the necklace got really hot and he recoiled a bit. He found that "interesting" and said they'd talk again.

She thought she woke up, but I wasn't there. She rose and opened the door and there was an elderly oriental man standing there. She's never seen him a lot, but he acted a lot like Mr Shufolue. He was helpful, but secretive. He was sent by cub. He warned her that the necklace is protective. When she tries to take it off she feels ill at ease afterwards. He says we're in danger and should leave as soon as we can. The old man's specialty is dream walking. He gave no name and didn't really answer anything. He told her to not take off the necklace, and not to worry about the church as it will be dealt with eventually.

After reporting, she and Robert went down to breakfast. After breakfast Robert returned to his office to report. We go off to pack. When we next see Robert (around 10:30AM) he's shaken and quite pale.

We visit the jail and say good bye to the sheriff and David. Robert gives him his business card and tells him to tell his lawyer to contact Robert or, at least, the local FBI office as they may have information relating to the case. We leave soon after and Robert takes the opportunity to nap.

Game date: Friday, July 23, 2032 - Wednesday, July 28, 2032

Nothing much to report. It's hot, buggy and humid. We pass through a few small towns and find the folk to be as hostile as any we've ever met on average. We get odd looks and the cold shoulder unless we address someone directly.

We cross into Arkansas and this place isn't much friendlier. The population's temperament is a bit worse and ... rather odd. Isolationism I guess; we do meet a few friendly travelers - and they stand out like diamonds amidst salt.

We did run into money problems. In one small town we didn't want to take American money, preferring gold. I ended up trading a few hours of dentistry for what we wanted and we moved on.

The further south we went, the warmer and dryer it got. We take more effort and care in where we sleep due to scorpions, spiders, and snakes. I'm not too worried, but I am also taking every bit of advice the drivers are giving us to heart.

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