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People we know

This post will be updated from time to time in an attempt (ha!) for me to keep names and spellings straight.


Ekiko's younger sister.

Akin, the Friendly Fiend

A fiend. Lady's ward shopkeeper. Tan-skinned, jackel-headed fiend. Very friendly and knowledgeable about magical items.

Ambar, Factol

Godsmen factol.


(Incantarium) is a sentient barn owl chantmonger. He regularly delivers messages to and from the other Olympian temples and acts as the local night-watchman. In return for his services he lives rent-free on the temple's property in a tall aviary.

Baron Yrel Zonthascar

Wall watch commander in Kurst.


Seeking her brother, Kit. Lover of the Lady. She's from Ecstasy. Met her in Blood Gem Park.


Hardhead. Notary 2. Male human. Ortho.

Darioch Dysarl

(Bleaker) Works at the Gatehouse and is interested in helping us find the Barmie Killer.


Gith. Betrayed us over a book. Suspect she also was part of the group that previously stole our mirror.

Drexis, Captain

Watch captain of the Crossguard garrison


Measure III, Day watch commander of the Lower Ward garrison, Sigil.


Ekikos' mother


(Prime, Godsman?) A barmy prime that we've known for years. Worked and lived in Crossguard. He's now working in the Foundry as a godsman and he's no longer barmy. He also wants no contact with his old life. It’s a long story (that we haven’t quite figured out yet).


(Godsman, Land lady) Small folk (½'ing) lives near the old butchery; doesnt go out much. Owns most of the buildings in CrossGuiard.


Zosime's brother. Eugene is a big fan of Gena Ellie and dreams of working with her on her latest book about the beastlands.

The Farseer

A Harbringer with the ability to see everywhere at once; makes use of Harbringer house's mirrors.

Guerrik the old

(Free League) A retired dwarven adventurer who calls himself a Planewalker. He's always willing to spin takes from his adventuring days. No one's sure if his tales are true.


Ludvik's father. Hinrik doesn't like it when people come to Crossguard to buy directly from him. He'd rather deal with the intermediaries who resell his weapons as they are further away from the violence that his weapons cause.


(Free League) is the bariaur barkeep of the Keg & Cask. He forbids religious and political talk in his bar and refuses to let anyone who hasn't come of age inside.



Raccoon familiar. Invites Zoe to the night ceremony and shrine in the Lady's Ward: Park of the Infernal and divine on the seventh day.


(Potter) Owns Nabod's apartment.


(???) Potter, landlord to Nabod's apartment.


(Prime, MoonIsle, Native of Ifenmen) Nice guy, uses his drum to speak common - remember to bring him rum, butter, bread, or honey (or all of the above) when visiting.


Ekikos' youngest sister


Ekiko's youngest brother. Now serving an apprenticeship in the clerk's ward.


Brother to Corelliala, Lover of the Lady.

Lady An'azi

An old human woman who owns Yourgos' home.

Lanista Jornas

(Transcendent Order) A human and mentor to Eki. As a lanista he operates a gladiatorial stable in New Tyr called the Achillia while making his home in the nearby Marble District, both within the Hive Ward. The marble district is the most upscale neighborhood of the Hive, next to New Tyr.


(Guardian) Athenian sister, Tiefling. Godsmen. First victim of the Law shredder, also the only one to come back.




Ekiko's oldest sister.



Zosime's mother


(Chaositech) Warrior hunting the Barmie Killer in the Hyve (in his own special way).

Mourns for Trees

Human male (mid-40's) greying. Believes in the trees.

Maribach Naniboc

(Fated) Evaluated Nabod's possessions. Bought Nabod's wardrobe (the one that has a passage to the cellars/a forgotten bath house beneath a fiend bar in the clerk's ward).



Shapechanger. Corrupted angel. Ludvik and Svanna's mother. Tried to take Harbringer house into the abyss.


Ekiko's older brother.


Ekiko's oldest brother. Married with children, and living away, his membership in a different faction causes strife in the family.

Priestess Linni.

(Believers of the source) is from the Sandstone District of the Hive, a tiefling ghetto. She possesses esoteric knowledge and sells small charms and draugths for protection to parishioners.

Priestess Melissa

(Guardians Sect; focused on protecting and defending). Originally from the Gatetown of Ecstasy, Melissa is a quiet half-elf seamstress who keeps to herself. She has her own loom and weaves the sacred peplos dress for the Panathenaea on behalf of the Priory; weaving is the quintessential Athenian craft. She's a sweet caring girl who plays the lyre.

Priestess Sophia

(Harmonium) She's still in charge, but she sleeps a lot. She relies on Ismene to perform the daily duties of the temple. Sophia now spends most of her time on scholarly research and transcribing books. She's always willing to talk to the Golden Maiden (Chryseis).

Prioress Ismene

(Harmonium) has taken over the daily duties at the temple. Ismene seems to always be around to finish off Sophia's statement. Ismene is Hellenic; as are most Olympians. Ismene is the Prioress's right hand. Diplomatic, decisive and smart. Most locals defer to her. Ismene is the local teacher, healer and midwife. She received these duties from Sophia, who passed on her knowledge and lore.


Sargent works at the wall in Kurst.

Sadam Hasan ibid Arvalos

(Hands of time, End of Gear run). Wants Chryseis to join his guild.


Tiefling, wench at the Black Sails who dresses provocatively. Likes teasing Ludvik. Use to be Nabod's housekeeper.


Aella's boyfriend. Apprentice smith. Involved in a “new” faction.


Zosime’s father

Shaglin Wert

Hellenic guard for hire. Originally hired by Djkek'nalarr.

Sir Toves, the Slithy

Gnome. Hero. Son to Borhold the Slithy, Snark hunter. Husband to Belwin and friend to Kilwald. We helped him kill the Jaberwocky in Dorthian, in the golden hills of Bitopia.


The Law Shredder. Killed 11 people in an effort to become some kind of chaos god. Defeated at the 11th hour.


Ludvik's missing sister.


Ekiko's older brother. Lives outside the home as a chant-monger. His charisma is well known.


Hellenic guard for hire. Originally hired by Djkek'nalarr. His full name is Anicetus Northman.

Torves Giljaff

Was an Ather Factol. Calls himself “The Burger”. Resides in Kurst.

Torrana the Grey

(Dustman, human female, tall?) Works in the Mortuary, responsible for the unclaimed dead of the Hive.


Harbringer, Lover of the Lady. “Barmy” but nice.


Sect totem of the Rosebringers. Lead priest of Chikitkka Fastpaws in Sigil. He hosts gatherings in the Park of the Infernal and Divine every 7th.

Wingar Finash

(Fated) A tiefling and shopkeeper of the Cornucopia. He's very shrewd. He makes the neighborhood work, or so he says. He's demanding but accepts things in barter and takes IOU's for labour, which he uses in turn as tradeable goods He networks through the neighborhood.


Ekikos’s father. Works in Swordhold as a porter. His lungs are bad, but still he works every day.

Komosahl Trevant

(Dustman), Skall's number two man, factotum.

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