Thursday, March 29, 2007

Saturday, July 17, 2032
Real date: March 14, 2007

As we come into the outskirts of Birmingham, we see an FBI cart head out with a team going towards Anniston. We do not identify ourselves to them. Robert wants to try and keep a low profile.

Birmingham is a large, bustling town that's spread out and fairly clean. We're made to feel more comfortable as a group here than in Atlanta. Everyone notices us (which is a feeling we're starting to get use to). The place feels very segregated.

Real date: March 28, 2007

Robert doesn't want to check in here, but we have information from Atlanta that has to be delivered. So, I volunteer and change shape into a packet rider. I become a young male (between 16-18 yrs of age), brown hair, brown eyes, slightly lanky build, about 5'7", average weight. I dress in borrowed clothes (Mike's cape, Peter's satchel, etc) and take a horse. I split from the group as we get to the edge of Birmingham proper and ride out to the FBI offices on the other side of town.

There I deliver a package of paper to a rather bored but attentive guard. Another guard leads me inside while the gate guard watches my horse. An agent takes the package from me and he and I sign a receipt for its delivery. A runner takes it from the agent and then I'm led away. The office i spredominantly white (90-95% from what I see).

I get a recomendation on breakfast from the guards (which turns into a 5 minute conversation) but end up at a restaurant that does a big breakfast for $4.00.

While I was away Shannon and Ray bought whiskey (I had asked Ray for a bottle). What I got from Ray was an OK variety not to be shared with close friends (in other words he doesn't really need to drink any more than that). Others focused on resupplying the caravan.

Sunday, July 18-Friday, July 22
The next five days are pretty quiet. We crossed the border into Mississippi without incident. Robert decides we should pull into Starkville to resupply and clean up as we'll not see many towns for a while afterwards.

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