Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A speculative-fiction superhero game set in 2032, the characters are all powered FBI agents in a world where magic has returned at the cost of technology. They work for the PIO (Powered Investigations Office) of the FBI in Baltimore, DC. The game began when the characters just emerged from Quantico, and continues to this date some 2 years later.

The game uses the Providence rule system. Player names are not used in this blog to try and protect their privacy; although I do hope they'll comment.

Back issues (with many gaps) and GM handouts can be found in the FBI PIO Case Files on my website.

Each post for the FBI-PIO game will be labeled/tagged FBI-PIO to help players (and I suppose other readers) find the posts related to this game. When a case is complete, I'll compile it and add it to the FBI PIO Case Files on my website.

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